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It's about the next generation

Who are we?

La Roar Life Science is a Danish food supplement company. On a daily basis you find us at SUND Hub, part of University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Science City. Here, young talents and entrepreneurs work to innovate and provide new ideas in the healthcare sector. From here, we could always feel the pulse and have access to the latest knowledge and research. 

Our shared values at La Roar are passion, ambition, and the feeling that the sky's the limit. We believe that a good life starts in the womb and that life is a constant movement, whose changing phases involve different needs. We believe a healthy lifestyle combines several elements such as education, physical activity, a healthy varied diet, sleep and mental wellbeing. 

For us, sustainability is about our living conditions, the living conditions of the future generations and of people everywhere on the planet. First and foremost, we all want our children, grandchildren and the future generations to have the opportunity to live a life that is at least as good and rich as the lives we have the opportunity to live today.  


What do I really know about my own fertility?

That thought stuck to me after another miscarriage, when I found myself completely knocked out and crying on the kitchen floor. Peter and I were already parents to Charlie Olivia and our greatest wish was to make her a big sister. As it turned out, this has not been that easy. To my great disappointment and frustration, in just 18 months I experienced 3 miscarriages. Therefore, I needed to do something good for myself and to examine my fertility more closely.

Therefore, I put on the holistic glasses and carefully analyzed myself. Some of the things I researched, which later became my expertise, were diet and food supplements. 

After almost 10 years in the Consumer Healthcare industry, I thought it would be straightforward to find an all-around multivitamin food supplement that could support my fertility and take into account the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s recommendations for a desired pregnancy. But, as it turned out, things have not been that straightforward. 

To me, and I think for you as well, it is very clear that a food supplement alone does not make us pregnant. This is why I want to emphasize that food supplements are a complement to our diet and not a mean of preventing or curing diseases. It is also very important for me to say that healthy eating does not equate to being fanatical and never allowing yourself to enjoy a glass of wine or a dessert. For me it is all about nurturing myself and finding joy in balance. Of course, there were also all the other important factors such as exercise and sleep, which we are now addressing in our blog,RoarBlog.

When I became pregnant again, I was asked very often to share my journey. What did you do? What did you eat? What foods did you avoid? I suddenly found myself in a situation in which I was asked to advise women I have never met before. This opened my eyes and made me realize how many women wanted to know more about their fertility and the path to one of life’s greatest gifts, parenthood. That is why I founded La Roar Life Science in collaboration with my husband Peter.


I quit my fine job at Pfizer, applied for a spot at SUND Hub and got it. It really made a world of a difference to me. I no longer had to sit at home at the dining table and study, but I could now exchange thoughts with other entrepreneurs, talented students and people inside the hub. Before we looked around, we had an amazing team of wonderful people gathered around us. 

Today, I am sincerely happy and proud of how far we have come.

Good things will happen.

Tine Stampe, Co-founder

Good things will happen