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We want to help accelerate the green transition

La Roar’s ecosystem

For us, sustainability is about our living conditions, the living conditions of the future generations and of people everywhere on the planet. First and foremost, we all want our children, grandchildren and the future generations to have the opportunity to live a life that is at least as good and rich as the lives we have the opportunity to live today. 

When we think of sustainability, we strive to include it in the entire ecosystem of La Roar and our products without compromising. This applies to everything from our ingredients, to packaging and partners.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We are ambitious in everything we do. This is why La Roar’s boxes and sleeves are 100% biodegradable and 100% free of harmful chemicals. 

We are proud to represent the strictest and most comprehensive environmental certification "Cradle to Cradle", which you will find at the bottom of our boxes and sleeves. 

Cradle to Cradle is a holistic environmental certification, which ensures that the product does not pollute, that it is produced with the greatest possible respect for the earth’s resources and it contributes to the nature’s cycle. 

Our daily sachets are approved for food. This in itself sets a wide range of quality requirements and this is why we use the EU approved and recyclable PET plastic packaging for food.


Ingredients and environmental impact

Both natural and synthetic vitamins, minerals and plants can vary greatly when it comes to environmental impact. Therefore, we pay close attention to the pros and cons when choosing the ingredients. Growing nutrients far away also requires more transport fuel and sometimes refrigeration to stay fresh during transport, while locally grown products can go from "farm to table" with a lower environmental footprint if produced responsibly by suppliers.  

Our selected source of vitamin C, acerola berries, need a lot of sun and a particularly nutritious soil. Therefore, acerola berries are grown mainly in South America and in areas with a similar climate, from where we also outsource them. Acerola berries must be processed immediately after harvest in order to retain their nutritional value. The world’s growing demand for potent small berries has set in motion local sustainability initiatives through which the berries are processed. These initiatives are part of the UN World Goal 15, which focuses on sustainable food production and climate-friendly diet before it is sent out into the world. We are proud to support these initiatives.


Antarctic krill naturally free of heavy metals and environmental toxins 

The Antarctic krill is the cornerstone of the Antarctic ecosystem and an important food source for whale seals, leopard seals, fur seals, crab-eating seals, squid, icefish, penguins, albatrosses and many other species. 

Therefore, it was particularly important for us to investigate whether human harvesting of krill may have a negative impact on the food supply of whales and other animals that eat krill. But there is no need to worry! It has been calculated that krill, measured in total weight, is the largest animal species on earth. To give you an idea of the insignificant impact that krill fishing has on the krill reserves, the total amount fished for human consumption is 0.2 million tons, equivalent to 0.05% of the krill population per year. 

This amount is far below the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) quota limits, which all krill harvesters must comply with. The amount consumed by animals and harvested by humans is automatically renewed each year by mother nature. Therefore, there is zero negative impact on the krill reserves.

La Roar's Omega-Krill™ fatty acids capsule is sustainable and complies with the international standards for purity, traceability and sustainable fishing and furthermore, it complies with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards.


The right partners

We believe that partnerships with different sectors can provide benefits and create innovation. 

We invest a lot of time and take into account all the details before choosing our partners. We do this because we would like to create and maintain a good relationship with our partners over the years. We often need tailor-made solutions for our customers and that translates into innovation, willingness and focus on quality control. 

We work with several different certifications to verify that our products are sustainably produced, traceable and can live up to industry’s high-quality requirements. Therefore, you as a customer can choose from a large selection of products that are manufactured with people and environment in mind. Different certifications have different requirements, but all of them share a common feature; the product must be inspected, checked, and must meet the conditions that apply according to the certifications. 

We live in a constantly changing world and we are constantly becoming wiser and more skilled in utilizing our resources. Therefore, we invest time to stay up to date, so that we can continue to find the most sustainable solutions in everything we do. 

Good things will happen