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When the whole is more than the sum of its parts

The intelligent complexity of nature

In the same way as nature, we seek to develop intelligent products. Did you know, for example, that vitamin C increases the absorption of iron and that copper contributes to a normal iron transport in the body? That vitamin D supports a normal utilization of calcium? Or that zinc contributes to a normal metabolism of vitamin A?

In fact, this represented a large part of the systematic review we have done for each individual nutrient and the way the nutrients are combined in our products.  

Micronutrients are involved in complex processes. Each of them has a high degree of specialization and a different impact on the metabolism, both together and separately. Ideally, we should avoid having certain vitamins and minerals in the gut at the same time, but other vitamins and minerals are best absorbed when interacting with each other. 

This is why we have combined vitamin C and iron in the same tablet and added copper as part of your daily dose. In all the products that contain calcium, you will also find vitamin D. We also made sure to contribute to a normal metabolism of vitamin A by adding zinc to our multivitamin-mineral tablets. Nothing was left to chance. 


Practical for everyday life 

We strive to make supplementation easy. This is why we develop comprehensive solutions and we package tablets as daily doses. The daily sachets make it easy and practical to take your food supplement. If you are on the go or you travel, you can easily bring the sachets with you. We have also numbered the sachets, so when you are in doubt if you remembered to take your supplement yesterday, you can always have an overview. 

Every product contains its own specially designed multivitamin-mineral tablet, one or two essential mineral tablets and the Omega-krill™ capsules. Other specially designed tablets such as the amino-acid or inositol tablets have been developed to meet your needs and the special phase you find yourself into. 


Overall good value for money

Tired of opening five different boxes each time you need to take your supplements? Food supplements can be a costly affair. Therefore, it is important you find good food supplements that work optimally in a busy everyday life. 

It is expensive and time-consuming to buy and collect all the different micronutrients on your own. Folate, vitamin D, magnesium, iron, calcium, a multivitamin complex and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s all adding up, especially if natural, high quality ingredients and sustainability are of high-priority for you.

With La Roar, you get a one-stop comprehensive multivitamin-mineral food supplement that has a good value for money. You also have the possibility to take advantage of the discounts that come with buying a higher volume or by signing up to the subscription scheme.

Good things will happen