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We are not just an empty shell with a mind

Sif Rømer


Tell us a bit about yourself and what are you passionate about
I am a mother of two, happily married and I work as a biochemical DNA-detective at my own clinic, Hormonterapiklinikken

From my clinic I send the clients’ blood samples, saliva tests, urine samples and cheek scrapes to the world’s best laboratories which are leaders in analyses, hospital records and screenings. I see this as one of my most favorite activities, almost equal to track racing and children’s games! 

I am passionate about finding a treatment for the root cause of a problem and not just treating the symptoms. 

My personal heath journey started quite early, when as a mere 12-year-old, I had a blood clot in my brain. No one knew the cause, but after many blood and DNA tests over the years, I surrendered to the belief that some things happen for a very special reason. I did not have become a car economist, nor a dietitian – but I had to go on my own path and create my clinic. 

Before we could do that, my husband and I lived abroad, experienced 3 spontaneous abortions and managed to create a daily routine that includes meditation, cold water baths, breathing exercises and yoga. I have a self-employed husband who works in the financial field and who is definitely aware the body needs to be in balance. 

Just before trying artificial hormones and insemination, we sought out a complementary hormone therapist. Shortly after, we were waiting for Eleanor. I started to study to become a complementary hormone therapist myself and before I had completed my education, I was a mother of two. 

Today I have no doubt. Our individuality at the cellular level is fascinating. Imagine being able to feed your cells and being in charge over your health. We are not just an empty shell with a mind. And now I realize that the blood clot has definitely pointed me in the right direction. 


"What I think is smart about food supplements, exercise and food is that you are able to have a say in a given situation."


What is your specialization and why did you choose this area?
Our own path towards our dream child lasted three years and it felt tremendously long. I do not wish it on anyone and therefore, fertility became one of my specialties. 

In addition to fertility, I also work a lot with general well-being: everything from diagnosing PMS to mitigating menopause and optimizing male fertility. However, most of my clients come to me because of stress, so we sit down and work through it together. 

I like variation and specializing in hormones, which act like messengers to the body’s cells, gives me a fairly broad-spectrum ability. 



What does health mean to you?
Health is really just the outcome of a respectful communication with my cells, with myself; being able to exist without pain, to feel joy, bursting with energy and imagination.  

That communication lies in the food we consume, the activities we expose ourselves to, both physically and mentally, as well as our thoughts and surroundings. Be aware of your surroundings and the immediate environment you find yourself into. If you give your body a lot of vegetables and laughter and take good care of it, it will upregulate the genes in charge of stress, inflammation and toxins. 

A good balance between things and a lot of hugs!


"These are well-documented ingredients and a product that is easy for my clients to relate to - and then it contains just that extra that I do not find anywhere else."


What is your philosophy when it comes to health, diet and food supplements? 
I use food supplements and also take other health measures when it is clear that a component is missing, which enables the body to signal whether it is in balance. 

It is about figuring out where the deficit is and how to get back up. What I think is smart about food supplements, exercise and food is that you are able to have a say in a given situation. For example, when it comes to menopause, birth control pills, migraine, stress and fertility – conditions that are closely related to hormonal imbalances – you actually have a voice and tools such as exercise, diet and sleep to help you in the right direction. How great is that!

Quality is important to me and I always check the bioavailability and listen to my body’s needs. 


What projects are you working on right now, and what past achievements are important for us to know about you?

Over the last year, my own company and clinic have taken up a lot of time. We have so many ideas at home and the only thing I can say with certainty is that I help a lot of people to recover their bodily calm and serenity. 

And here is a teaser for the next year: me and my husband are working on a very special project. I hope we will be able to reveal more before the middle of 2021. 

What do you think about La Roar and why do you recommend La Roar?

I love it and recommend it because it is so incredibly well thought and a top-notch product. The ingredients are well-documented and it is a product that is easy for my clients to relate to - and then it contains just that extra that I do not find anywhere else. 

Thoroughness has not been spared and it is important to me and my clients.

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