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Nothing can stand alone! Nor our health

Vickie Budden


Tell us a bit about yourself and what are you passionate about 

My mission is clear, to create more children and families in Denmark. Through acupuncture and my 360 fertility plan I want to create a fertile mind and body and the best conditions to become pregnant in the people who come to me for help. I get immense satisfaction when a woman, who has otherwise received a discouraging message regarding her fertility, manages to conceive her dream child, sometimes with the help of a fertility clinic and other times naturally. 

IT brings me great joy and I am over the moon every time! :)

What is your specialization and why did you choose this area?

I have 20 years of experience as a TCM acupuncturist specializing in fertility and women’s issues. As a young person, I experienced major challenges with my menstrual cycle that the gynecologist could not remedy. After I immersed myself in acupuncture, diet and food supplements I managed to get my menstrual cycle back. This started my passion for Chinese medicine and for body understanding and it was the moment when I understood the importance of being proactive - both in my future work, my passion and my specialization.

What does health mean to you?

Both mental and physical health are incredibly important. Ideally, there should be a balance in the way we live without us becoming fanatical. If, for example, you have pushed yourself too hard for a long time, then it is imperative that you are honest with yourself about how you can improve and make positive changes in your life. 

The body is a fantastic tool that 24-7 does its utmost to stay healthy and in balance. But if you are too stressed, sleep poorly and run-on caffeine, sugar and adrenaline kicks from hard training, you realize at some point that you have hit rock bottom and you cannot lift yourself from there. The body needs energy and peace of mind to become, as well as stay, pregnant.

To be critical towards your own lifestyle, including the chemistry we surround ourselves with in everything from food, to what is found in our bathrooms is very important to achieve a healthy, happy and well-functioning body. 

What is your philosophy when it comes to health, diet and food supplements? 

Concisely, health is a body in balance and this is beautifully symbolized by the duality of the yin & yang symbol. One cannot exist without the other. Light/dark, summer/winter, cold/heat etc – a woman’s body has a similar cycle where everything is changeable. The egg-producing phase – we call it the yin phase – culminates with ovulation and is transformed into the yang phase (the creation phase). 

Nothing can stand alone! Nor our heath. I always advise to eat as close to the source as possible, to prepare food from scratch from high quality ingredients, preferably organic, but without becoming fanatical! For example, try to choose red or brown rice instead of white rice, meat from grass-fed animals and to minimize the amount of refined sugar. When you want something delicious like a piece of cake or chocolate just have it sometimes 😊. Try to choose something of high quality like the chocolate from Summerbird for example, where it has not been too long since the chocolate was just a cocoa bean. Do not choose discounted products of poor quality.  

What projects are you working on right now, and what past achievements are important for us to know about you?

For almost two decades I have treated tens of thousands of women and couples on the road to parenthood and thus, have thousands of children "on my conscience". 

I often see my patients over a longer time period and I have heard so many stories of misinformation, frustration and grief that, in 2017, I founded the FERTILITY FAIR. Here you can anonymously seek advice and guidance on everything from fertility treatment to the latest research in fertility, as well as knowledge about, for example, acupuncture and food supplements. This fair focuses on information and the fact that you have a choice and can be proactive on your fertility journey. 

What do you think about La Roar and why do you recommend La Roar?

When a client starts working with me, I always make a journal and together we review what works and what are the areas we can improve to optimize health and thus fertility. We have a talk about stress, exercise and diet, etc. 

Subsequently, I am sending some basic dietary advice while urging them to supplement their diet with food supplements. There is no doubt that a healthy and varied diet is the perfect way to meet your nutritional needs! But just as we buy an insurance policy when we travel, food supplements in my opinion, are just the extra insurance on the way to getting completely on point with nutrition. I do not sell products in my clinic, but I encourage you to always seek information yourself and of course do what feels right for you. In the journal I also attach scientific articles about food supplements. Here you can learn that many researchers believe that up to 1/3 of women cannot absorb the synthetic form of folate, called folic acid. So even though women go to great lengths to do the right thing, they can still run the risk of missing the important vitamin called folate. Supplementary intake of folic acid increases folate status in the mother, which is what we want, as a low folate status in the mother is a risk factor in relation to the development of neural tube defects in the growing fetus.

Here, I truly vouch for La Roar, as all their products, in addition to the specially designed multivitamin and mineral tablets, contain the natural source of folate. In addition, I know that La Roar has a very strong focus on the composition of their multi- products. The tablets are Danish-developed and -produced with a focus on selecting the sources and quality of the nutrients without any compromises…what’s not to like? 

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