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I feel magical when I am pregnant

Anne Mette Terp Scharling 


Tell us a little about yourself

I am 38 years old. I enjoy life during maternity leave because it gives me plenty of time and the extra flexibility you need when you have children. Everyday life can be like a sprint across the field where my husband and I have to balance work, children’s school, leisure activities, house and luckily, only a tiny little garden. So, the maternity leave gives us the extra room and energy we need. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up at 6 am (sometimes at 6:18 because snooze is my friend) and take a bath while Caroline is still asleep. I get the older children dressed, while my husband makes breakfast and prepares my first and the most important cup of coffee for the day. Around 7-7:20 am, we enjoy breakfast and the morning coffee all together and at 7:40 we take the older children to school. While my husband and the children are at work and school, Caroline and I enjoy our time together filled with both practical and cozy maternity activities: we take long walks, visit other friends who are on maternity leave, go to the museum, baby cinema, baby singing at the church etc. 



You have just become a mother for the 3rd time to a little girl. How did your pregnancy go?

I love being pregnant, and similar to the first two pregnancies, the third one went really well. I feel magical when I'm pregnant. It's quite an amazing time and I'm therefore happy that we decided to have a third child. 

How was the first time as a new mother with 3 children? 

Wildly good. Little sister is simply so sweet and it has been great to see that the two older children enjoy her at least as much as my husband and I. Corona put an end to all maternity visits, so we really enjoyed being in our bubble and calm for the first time. Tranquility is not exactly the reality with three cute and noisy children being in the house all day, but we enjoyed being by ourselves and having the time to get acquainted to our new life as a family of five.


 "I immediately fell in love with the idea of a food supplement in which someone has put in a lot of effort and nothing was left to chance." 

How do you take care of yourself during a busy day?
I try to take care of myself by running 1-2 times a week. Running makes me happy, so I cannot live without it. I also do strength training to get rid of "grandma’s arms" and get my abdominal muscles back in shape. In addition, during the summer I have been swimming in the sea as much as possible, preferably in the early morning. Furthermore, I drink coffee - which I probably enjoy a bit too much - just like I also love to spoil myself with a piece of cake! When breastfeeding, we need to intake more calories so the body does not become too thin. I wish I could eat a little healthier for lunch. 
What does health mean to you?

Metal and physical health are very important to me and of course that these two are interconnected.



How did you hear about La Roar?

I heard about La Roar through my network and I immediately fell in love with the idea of a food supplement in which someone has put in a lot of effort and nothing was left to chance.

Why did you take FertilityCare™?

During the first trimester of pregnancy you have to eat extra vitamins and it can be a bit of a jungle to decide which vitamins to choose. When I read about La Roar, there was no doubt at all- I just had to try these food supplements! I immediately recognized the great effort that was put into the product. It felt good and surprisingly easy to make FertilityCare™ part of my daily evening routine, as my little baby swam around in my belly getting bigger.


 "When I read about La Roar there was no doubt at all"


Why do you take MaternityCare™?

Because I feel that my body still needs good nutrients. Of course, I also eat well and healthy every day, but the body has just been through a pregnancy and birth and it can sometimes be difficult to achieve it all. Let’s be honest, when you have three children you are never first in the food queue and the daily dose makes it nice and easy to get what my body needs.

Why did you choose to become an ambassador for La Roar?

I have already recommended La Roar to other women, so it seemed very natural. 

Where do you hope to be in 10 years?
On the beach, looking gorgeous – in a nice bikini. I lie and look at the ocean where my husband and my three children are jumping around in the waves. 

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