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6 benefits of a cycle computer

In the fertility world, many call the menstrual cycle the secret “weapon” and with good reason. Many women want to follow their cycle closely to be absolutely sure which are the days they are the most fertile.

One of the methods that helps you gain a greater understanding of your cycle is the Daysy system. Daysy is a thoroughly tested cycle computer with 5 million cycle measurements and over 30 years of research behind, a high level of safety and 100% without side effects. Daysy works by measuring your temperature and shows you – via green and red light – when you are the most fertile.

6 Benefits of Daysy Cycle Computer:

1) Natural family planning 
Daysy is 100% natural and hormone-free and has no negative side effects.

2) High accuracy
Daysy measures your temperature very accurately and is based on an algorithm (intelligence) based on 5 million cycle measurements and 30 years of German research.

3) Preserves ovulation (this is more important than people believe)
Few people know that when you add hormones like estrogen and progesterone from the exterior, the maturation of the egg and the ovulation itself is prevented. This is because the artificial hormones inhibit the stimulating effect of the body’s own sex hormones on the ovaries and their natural hormone production. Daysy is a hormone-free solution for managing your fertility.

Estrogen (ethylene estradiol): Inhibits the major sex hormone that contributes to the maturation of the egg. Result: No egg maturation.

Progesterone (progestogen): Progestogen inhibits the major sex hormones that leads to ovulation. The result: No ovulation.

4) Avoid a foreign body inside you 
Because that’s what a spiral is – a foreign body. It often has more side effects than we think about. One of the effects is that the body can react by producing leukocytes because it thinks there is an inflammation that it needs to fight.

5) Women get to know their body 
A cycle computer helps you gain a greater understanding of your cycle and its signals when the body is not affected by artificial hormones. It is a fantastic journey to get to know oneself better and to be aware of all the processes of the body in a whole new way. In fact, your cycle and your period tell you a lot about your health. It is very exciting to say the least 🙂

6) Use Daysy to achieve a pregnancy
Around 20% of the women who use Daysy want to become pregnant because the computer shows you exactly when you are ovulating. But Daysy can also be used as an alternative to the contraceptive pill. Daysy provides a solution that we, at La Roar really like.

If you would like to know more information about Daysy write to hej@greengoddess.dk.


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