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Become smarter about your cycle

If you do not already know Caroline Fibæk and her work, then a fantastic and educational universe about health and hormonal balance awaits you here.

On a daily basis Caroline is a busy woman with 3 children, 7 written books (with the 8th one about the menstrual cycle heath on the way) under her belt and a sea of colorful and tasty recipes – one can safely call Caroline a true Wonder Woman.

Mrs. Fibæk is a trained Naturopath and specializes in fertility. Caroline is constantly building on her knowledge and skills and has just specialized in women’s hormonal system, with a particular focus on functional fertility. She studies at the Institute for Functional Medicine and continuously trains at Dr. Hertoghe Medical School.

When you want to become pregnant, you can start by getting to know your cycle.  A good introduction to this topic is to read Caroline’s 4 clear and in-depth blog posts. The posts are divided into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week.

1st week
2nd week
3rd week
4th week

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    Sif Rømer: We are not just an empty shell with a mind
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    Vickie Budden: Nothing can stand alone! Nor our health.
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    Caroline Fibæk: I am deeply fascinated by the body’s own ability to heal itself
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    Thilde Vesterby: My philosophy when it comes to health and fertility is seeing the body and mind as a whole
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    Nanna Stigel: I am passionate about creating the best possible conditions for future generations

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