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Dietary advice: the connection between a sustainable diet and our health

For almost 40 years, Denmark has had dietary advice aimed to guide Danes to eat healthier and more conscious. Therefore, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) released a new report that the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration can use as a guide when designing the 2021's upcoming updated dietary advice.
Overall, the recommendations are that we should learn to eat greener in more ways than one. More legumes, seeds and dark green vegetables should be found on Danes' plates - and less red meat. The purpose has also been to make the dietary guidelines more climate-friendly based on the scientific studies.

“The dietary advice we have now should help us in terms of nutritional knowledge. But they must also have a climate layer, so that consumers know both how to choose healthy and climate-friendly foods” says the specialist consultant for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Trine Grønlund to DR News.

At La Roar, we definitely support this initiative. We believe that it is OK to take the step forward and make demands on the packaging in which our sustainable food is delivered.

Here are some of the recommendations that DTU makes:

- Eat more: vegetables (including dark green and red/orange), legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits, whole grain products and potatoes

Eat sufficient / moderate amounts of: fish and shellfish (choose the most sustainable), milk and dairy products, vegetable oils, poultry and eggs

Limit the intake of: red meat (especially beef), sweets, cake, chips, sweet beverages and the like, salt, alcohol, highly processed foods.

Conscious choices can make the diet more sustainable and healthier.

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