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Fertility myth: Coffee

There are many tips and tricks out there on how to best take care of your fertility and prepare your body for pregnancy. Even though these are usually well-meant advices, one can quickly become confused and overwhelmed by them.

At La Roar, we always try to sift through the facts and convey what science says.

A controversial topic is coffee – and we understand that well. Many of us are used to drinking coffee as part of our morning routine, when the fatigue catches up with us or when we have a coffee date with our girlfriends.

But does coffee have a negative impact on fertility and do we really need to get rid of our morning coffee when planning a pregnancy?

According to sundhed.dk, the short answer is no. You can drink coffee when planning a pregnancy, as long as you don’t exceed 3 cups/day. An intake of maximum 3 cups of coffee (or 300 mg of caffeine) daily has no effect on the ability to achieve a pregnancy or on the risk of miscarriage.

It is still unknown whether a larger amount than 300 mg of caffeine daily can lead to risks, so until we learn more, we should stick to the recommendations and should not exceed that amount.

Do you have a fertility myth that you would like us to investigate or discuss? If yes, you can write to us at info@la-roar.com and we can add it to our list for future blog posts.

Source: Sundhed.dk

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