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Fresh figs

Fresh figs are naturally sweet and can therefore be a good snack for those having a sweet tooth. You can eat the fresh figs with oatmeal, yogurt, in salads or by themselves as a snack.

Did you know that you can also grow your own figs? Fig trees should preferably be planted in a warm and sunny place - and should preferably be sheltered, so it is a good idea to plant it up against a south or west facing wall. You can also grow figs in greenhouses or in pots both outdoors and indoors, for example in a conservatory. However, if you grow figs in pots, you must be aware that the plant must be replanted every three years, and that you must prune both the plant and the roots.

In Denmark, the season for figs is quite short and it lasts from July to September. To achieve the best taste of your figs, it is important that they are fully ripe when you pick them. Therefore, you should pick them only when they are soft and completely dark purple, and the peel almost cracks by itself.


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