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During pregnancy the baby is nourished via the blood supply

When you are pregnant, the baby receives the nutrients it needs through the blood supply. But let’s start by taking a look at what your blood is made of. If you leave a test tube with blood to sit for half an hour, the blood will divide into three layers.

At the bottom you will find the red blood cells, which are heavy and sink to the bottom. In the middle, there are the white blood cells and platelets and at the top is the blood plasma, which makes up about 60% of the blood. Each of these components has their own role and they should preferably be in balance.

When you become pregnant, the amount of plasma increases by almost 50% compared to the amount usually found in your blood. The amount of red blood cells also increases by about 18% and therefore, the ratio between the plasma and red blood cells changes as well. This can lead to anemia, which is completely normal towards the end of your pregnancy.

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