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7 positive go-to advices when you are planning a pregnancy

It can be veeery tiring to constantly be told about everything one must not do, or what we must take care of when planning a pregnancy. That is why, we have chosen to focus on all the wonderful things you CAN do!

Here you have 7 positive "go-to advices" for you, who is planning a pregnancy. Enjoy!

1) You must get enough sleep

Oh, a long and deep sleep is just wonderful – and this is one of the things you really have to prioritize. There are many indications that more and more Danes are sleeping worse and less than they should. At a time when there is a focus on eating healthy and exercising, it is important to also emphasize sleep.

Poul Jennum, sleep expert and professor and chief physician at Rigshospitalet and the University of Copenhagen explains: "Our sleep affects our psyche, immune system and memory – and it is absolutely imperative for the brain and body development that we get a good night’s sleep". The sleep quality can thus affect our ability to achieve the thing we want, our daily well-being and it helps to keep our bodies and immune system strong.

Try and see if you can manage at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night, as is can help to increase the production of growth hormones and to decrease the amount of stress hormones. If you encounter difficulties falling asleep or you are waking up many times during the night, you may need to consider whether you are eating the right foods, are stressed or if you are getting enough fresh air during the day.

Try to give yourself a good sleeping environment, plenty of time to calm down and relax (preferably an hour before going to bed) and try to maintain a fairly regular circadian rhythm. In addition, it may be important that you don’t go to bed hungry or oversaturated, as stable blood sugar levels help to provide a calm and undisturbed sleep. We recommend clean and cool bedding, a ventilated bedroom and maybe a good book. Hot tea with honey, breathing exercises and a hot bath are also good just before bedtime. ENJOY and try to remember that sleep must be a priority.  

2) You may well dance and stand on your hands

We often talk about blood circulation and there are good reasons for that. A good blood circulation is important because it carries oxygen and nutrients around the body and to the organs. It helps the heart, lungs and the brain and it also takes care of transporting out the waste products. Both are essential when you want to strengthen your body and the foundation for your fertility. But how do we start that blood circulation? We recommend lots of sex (we will return to that), a cold winter bath in the sea, a brisk walk in the woods, practicing yoga, a run in the fresh air or whatever activity you like – and we were told that massages also apply 😉.

3) You can eat a varied diet 

One of the questions we often receive from you is about the diet. We understand that really well. But is there really an optimal fertility diet plan? It is very important to emphasize that all people are different and that is why we have different needs and starting points. Our recommendation for you is to listen to your bodies and generally make sure to eat a healthy and varied diet – without becoming fanatical. A healthy and varied diet is important for the body to receive the nutrients it needs. Of course, we also recommend supplementing your diet with food supplements to ensure that you have all the vitamins and minerals you need, as it is difficult to get sufficient amounts from the diet alone.

Read more about food supplements and the Danish National Board of Health’s recommendations here.

4) You can have sex in the car, on the kitchen table and in the hammock

It’s good enough 😉 There are several good reasons why we recommend having lots of sex, especially when planning a pregnancy. In addition to the obvious reasons, there are both psychological and physiological benefits of passionate sex with your partner. Sex increases the brain’s production of the hormone oxytocin, also called the "love hormone". This hormone makes us feel confident in each other and brings us closer together. In addition, it strengthens intimacy – even that which is not sexually related. That way you get closet to your partner mentally and it becomes easier to communicate with each other and to deal with any of the problems that might exist in your relationship. So, press the gas pedal and ENJOY IT.

If you would like, you can also read here our article on 3 tips to go from forced sex to loving sex.

5) You can laugh out loud at the cinema (even if you are the only one)

It sounds almost too easy and silly, but you can simply laugh your way to more well-being, both physically and mentally. Laughter may strengthen the heart, lungs, circulation and the immune system. In addition, the body produces some neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine when we laugh – also known as the "happiness hormones". After a good laugh, you often have a relaxing feeling in the body, you are usually in a better mood and the amount of stress hormones is reduced. Sometimes you might have to force yourself to laugh and smile a little extra. Put on a funny movie, spend time with funny people, think about fun times and remember to prioritize the things that put you in a good mood.

6) Allow yourself to feel vulnerable

There is no need to hold back tears! On the contrary, it’s important to let go of your emotions once in a while – several studies actually show that it’s healthy for the body to cry. A good cry helps to regulate our nervous system and therefore, it can be de-stressing for the body. The body often feels more relaxed after crying and for many, it can prove to be helpful in better understanding a situation. So, grab your girlfriends or relax at home and cry out.

7) You should continue to live your life

Prioritize me-time, and as our amazing experts also say – LIVE LIFE!

Thilde Vesterby:  "The most important thing is that you feel good and live in the preset – even if that means you have to wait".

Izabella Winther: "Give yourself the attention and care that you need, so that you strengthen yourself physically and mentally".

Nanna Ewald Stiegel: "You must do what nourishes YOU".


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